Rumor: MGS 3 and 4 for PC

This rumor is spreading pretty quickly and at this point in time it isn’t clear if it is true or not. For those of you that may think MGS on PC is a joke, you may be surprised to learn that both the first and the second game are available on the PC. While the first two games weren’t the best of ports it was still nice to have it on the platform.

Now, it looks like MGS 3 and 4 will follow suit as the rumor suggests that Kojima productions is no longer behind the MGS franchise. The new studio behind the MGS IP will be the creators of Bayonetta and Vanquish. Yep, Platinum Games will supposedly take over development. However, this change isn’t all about PC ports of previous games.

MGS 5 is also suppose to be in the works and it will be a multi-platform game, which represents a shift from the PS3 exclusive mentality that had been associated with the latest games in the series. In addition, the PS3 may also see a remake of PSP’s MGS Peace Walker. Again, this is a rumor, iWaggle3D claims to have a “reliable source”, but even they have reported the information they received as a rumor.