Terraria Review

The game which many are calling a 2D Minecraft is put to the test. Terraria is a 2D sidescroller with an open world that allows players to expand, customize, create structures, and upgrade their characters in an RPG-like fashion. Will this formula pay off, or is it just a generic Minecraft clone?

The Good

Pixelated World of Exploration: There is quite a bit to do in the world. You can craft weapons, armor, and potions. However, finding the necessary material is where all of the fun is at. You will find yourself mining all sorts of resources and exploring out to the worlds end to completely upgrade your character.

Playing with some friends: You can currently have up to eight players in one server. This is where the game really shines since you will find yourself working with them in order to build a house or explore the world. Currently dedicated servers are not present in the game, but in the future the addition of dedicated servers could increase the amount of players allowed in each server.

Boss Battles: Yep, you and your friends will be pitted against a few demonic foes that are out to destroy you and your pixelated friends. These bosses include the Eye of Cthulhu, Skeletron, and the Eater of Worlds.

Music: The background music you hear suits the game very well. The first sound you hear makes you feel right at home in a pixelated world filled with adventure. However, the tone changes depending on your location and the time of day. For example, during the night, when the moon has risen and the zombie horde is out to get you, the music will change to suit the situation. This also applies to the Goblin army you may come across.

The Bad

More Customization and Equipment: This is a minor gripe with the game, but it would be nice to have more of a selection of armor and weapons in addition to changing the color/ dye certain items. More content is necessary to keep the game going in this regard. Fortunately, there are plans to add more content at this time.

Spawning and Glitches: The spawning system could use some work. Currently, it relies on a bed that you right click on to set your spawn point. The addition of a teleport system, similar to TF2, would be a great addition in order to quickly revisit locations you have already explored. Furthermore, the game has its share of glitches, which can range from the game crashing to problems setting your spawn point. However, for the most part the game is a solid experience.

Lack of a Mini-Map: This can be a major issue when exploring larger worlds. Some individuals have tried to leave items behind like torches to remind themselves that the portion of the world has been explored. In addition, you can use signs to make specific notes to yourself and others. However, it just isn’t enough in some cases. A mini-map, which can be toggled, would be a great addition to the game.


Terraria is not a Minecraft clone. It allows for a refreshing assortment of customization, which includes upgrading the player’s own character with the latest weapons, armor, and accessories. What sets it apart from Minecraft is the enemies and bosses that present a challenge for you and your friends. This is where the game’s cooperative play is extended. The game isn’t only about mining and building structures; it’s all about utilizing teamwork against a variety of challenges. Ultimately, Terraria is definitely a great buy for only $9.99 and will keep you and your friends busy for hours on end.

Terraria Review by FacTor-X and XMACHINE9000