SOE Network Shutdown: 24.6 Million Accounts Stolen

Upon further investigation, Sony has traced the threat to their SEO network. As a result, they confirmed 24.6 million accounts were stolen and 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers were compromised. 10,700 direct debit card records specifically belong to customers from Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. However, security code information associated with each credit card does not seem to have been stolen. SEO’s network is separate from PSN, but they did confirm that some overlapping exists between the two.

While the two systems are distinct and operated separately, given that they are both under the SONY umbrella, there is some degree of architecture that overlaps. The intrusions were similar in nature. This is NOT a second attack; new information has been discovered as part of our ongoing investigation of the external intrusion in April.

In addition to the previously mentioned “welcome back program” Sony has planned for PS3 gamers, Sony is planning a “make good” program for MMO gamers that play DC Universe and Free Realms to say they are sorry for the outages.