Console Smashers (April Fools!)

Hey guys we are so glad to announce the big news. Derangel and I have been keeping our mouths shut about this for a long time, and we wanted to surprise you with it today! That’s right we are going console only. We are going to delete the PC section tomorrow. Also, everyone’s post count will be lost. In addition, each user will be given either a God of War avatar, Halo avatar, or a Navi Avatar with a default sig that reads:

PC gaming dead 4/01/10

We also have an exclusive interview with Crytek’s Cevat Yerli. He revealed the statistics to us and the move just makes sense. We agreed that the console move will ultimately lead to better gameplay elements with a more engaging story. We speculated about how the franchise in the future will be console only. In addition, a $2000 PC just can’t beat a playstion 3. The cell processor is just amazing and can run Crysis without the RSX GPU. One core can run all of the visuals while the second core is for physics and the third core is for the AI. The extra cores weren’t needed after all.

Anyway, we will have more details tomorrow. Head on over to the source to read our exclusive interview!