Are These The PSN Hackers’ Chat Logs? [Update]

An account of the dialogue between the hackers that broke into the PlayStation Network may have surfaced. The soulless man-eating monsters Pandas over at our affiliate site, Lo-Ping, appear to have uncovered a chat log detailing the hack that has compromised the personal information of all PSN users.

The dialogue appears to be from a group of 14 people… and their intentions were anything but virtuous:

user2: cuz its way too easy todo scamming at this point

user2: for example:

user2: creditCard.paymentMethodId=VISA&creditCard.holderName=Max&
example street%2024%20&

user2: sent as plaintext

user3: uh

user3: did you censor that card?

Head on over to their website for the full chat log.


PSX-Sense seems to have found the PSN hackers’ server access logs as well:

From the report, it appears to have been quite easy. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.