Rumor: PS3 to Get Chrome Browser Update

A long time ago on a website far, far away there was report of a PS3 browser update. This goes all the way back to last summer on July 25th. The rumor previously suggested that the playstation browser would receive a browser update to Google chrome. However, since that time things have been rather quiet until now. This all started when on member of the NeoGAF forums pointed out a webkit development file which you can view here.

I’m going through ps3-webkit-support.diff because I’m bored. Looks like we’re actually getting Chrome, since Geoff’s added a couple of files for ChromeClientPOSIX.

Naturally the full source of his changes are in that .diff file also. From what I can tell, the posix platform only refers to the PS3 in webkit, it doesn’t show up at all in the mainline source code (unix versions are typically under their widget library, like Qt or gtk). There’s a lot of functions that aren’t implemented, but they’re mainly ones that involve windowing that you wouldn’t expect to be supported on the PS3.

This might not mean much since I don’t see the cool stuff from Chrome in these sources, like bookmark syncing, but it’s a huge freaking project., and the diff only covers what needed to be changed so it works on the PS3. It might not even get Chrome branding visible to the user, but I think if he’s calling it ChromeClient, we can expect good things for the future.

edit: okay, so apparently ChromeClient is a generic term in webkit. Sorry folks, but at least we’re getting a new browser, right?

However, when Google was contacted they declined to shed light on the situation.

I’m afraid we have nothing to announce at this time.

At this point in time this is still up in the air, but compared to last summer at least we have some more evidence this time around. However, NeoGaff member, jeff_rigby points out that “Chromeclient is a term coined because Google Chrome developed the library and pushed it back into the main webkit branch. It’s related to the opening of windows (and more) in webkit. It does not mean Chrome is coming to the PS3,” but it looks like PS3 owners may be in store of some sort of browser update in the future.