DICE Details Battlefield 3 Console Limitations

However, that doesn’t mean the console versions of the game will be a slouch either. In an interview with VideoGamer, DICE executive producer, Patrick Bach addresses some of the issues that will arise with their continued effort to push the boundaries of gaming hardware. In particular, Mr. Bach has explicitly noted that console versions will be missing certain features:

“The higher resolution, the higher framerate, the anti-aliasing, the motion blur, stuff like that. We can’t have it to the same quality on the console.”

The effects listed above aren’t surprising though as most PC versions of multi-platform games hold an advantage over their console counterparts with those exact same specifications. It is however, mentioned that all Battlefield 3 footage that have been released so far are PC-only; we haven’t seen any real console footage yet. It does give him some concern:

“Most people will be very positive because they might be afraid that it won’t look as good as other games and it will, and some people will of course be disappointed that it doesn’t look like the PC version.”

Players that intend on getting the console versions of Battlefield 3 shouldn’t be too discouraged though, as Mr. Bach has stated that the game won’t look any worse than the current console games we see out there. If he means Crysis 2, then that’s all we need to hear.