StarCraft II Official Mods Now Available

Built from community ideas, the polished mods are now available for all StarCraft II players for free. Three extra games designed solely for Blizzard’s StarCraft II will hopefully fill up some more of that $60 value:

Game One: StarJeweled – 2 Player Co-op, PvP, 1 Player

Like Bejeweled, but with StarCraft units battling it out on the left hand screen. Purchase upgrades to defeat your opponents!

Game Two: Aiur Chef – 8 Player Free-for-all.

Go around a map collecting delicious ingredients to become the great Executor Chef! Sadly, the more crazy chairman is missing.

Game Three: Left 2 Die – 2 Player Co-op.

A take on the popular Outbreak mission. Slaughter the infestation by day and defend your base at night. Beware of the staaaaaank!