Crysis 1 Island Level on the PS3

A lot of gamers have stated that the original Crysis could not run on consoles. However, one modder begs to differ. A user by the name of MrUpload has uploaded a video of the first level running on the PS3 using the Cryengine 3, which you can watch below.

He also has some details regarding the porting process.

– Objects files (CGFs, not CHRs) from Crysis (CE2) work without modification on PS3
– Textures and material files need to be converted to PS3 compatible formats (this is the part I can’t disclose)
– All assets need to be placed in Dos Zip 2.0 files and renamed to PAK files
– Huge textures PAK-Archives and most GameData-files from Crysis 1 crash the game, the only GameData-files you need from Crysis 1 are the material files
– Elements inside the map you are trying to load which are unique to Crysis 1 and use coding (AI, flowgraphs, cutscenes, prefabs, etc) crash the game on PS3, remove all of them in Sandbox 2 till you are only left with static objects (terrain, vegetation, roads, rivers, spawn points, forbidden areas etc)
– The PS3 game image needs to be modified to get a level onto PS3
– The PS3 game autoinstalls data on the PS3 harddrive, therefore you also need to modify this installed data
– To get a playable level for PS3, you need to export your level. “Export To Engine” needs to be done inside Sandbox, then copy the “Level.pak” into a) one of the levels inside the Level folder of the game image and b) into the same level inside the Level folder which can be found in the installation on the PS3 harddrive
– asset PAK files also need to be placed into the “gamecrysis2” folders on both the game image and the installation on the PS3 hdd
– when you have done everything right, you just need to load the level you chose to exchange in Crysis 2 and it will work

Unfortunately, this is still a work in progress as you will notice lighting issues and other incompatibilities since the author literally took the level and combined it with Crysis 2’s engine. However, one glaring issue that seems to be irrelevant to the quality of the port job is the horrid draw distance. You will notice all sorts of things popping up out of thin air such as grass, rocks, trees, and more.

Oddly enough MrUpload stated that the modding process was somewhat easier compared to the PC version, which has encrypted files.

Retail Crysis 2 on PC can’t play modded levels. At least not in my tests. Crysis 2 on PS3 is far less protected. PAK files are not encrypted and it loads any compatible map you give it. I don’t know why they chose to make the PC version more secure, maybe because of cheat protection.

Note: The picture above is from the PC version of the game, which you can use for comparison purposes.