Anonymous Hackers Bring Down Sony’s Websites

In response to Geohot’s lawsuit, the group known as Anonymous is taking action against Sony. Currently these attacks are in the form of distributed denial of service (DDoS) against and The group has demonstrated their muscle in the past by hacking the Westboro Baptist Church website during a live conference on skype. In addition, they have released a message on youtube:

You can also check out the original image that conveyed the message on their website:

It also seems that the story wont just end with these two websites.

Speaking on a IRC chat a group of Anonymous are currently attacking several Sony sites. At the moment both and (including the PlayStation Store over PC) are down, presumably due to a DDoS attack – a distributed denial-of-service attack. People involved in the attack, called “OpSony” are asking that hackers “crash all server of sony please”.