R.I.P. Factor-X (April Fools)

We regret to inform the Pixel Smashers community that one of our staff members is no longer with us.

FacTor-X, a respected staff member and one of the founders of this website has passed away. Factor died at a hospital earlier today after succumbing to injuries sustained from a serious incident during a recording session.

As a growing young man, Factor enjoyed the best things in life and had many hobbies that he shared with the community at Pixel Smashers. An avid technology enthusiast as well as a PC gamer, Factor played a key role in this website’s birth that originated from the PC Enthusiast Faction on GT.

Following his interests, Factor-X attended college, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science and was pursuing his master’s degree.

We were all shocked when we received news of the attack.

The incident happened during a podcast recording session with Lo-Ping in which a heated argument turned violent. Factor was able to defend himself for a time but was eventually overcome by the onslaught of the other presenters and suffered horrific mauling injuries that are common from rabid pandas.

The offenders are currently at large and the New York State Police has issued a warning to all residents that they are armed and extremely dangerous. While law enforcement pursues them, it is unclear if they will be prosecuted in the United States as they are currently under loan from the Chinese government.

The rest of the staff here at Pixel Smashers would like to give their condolences to the family:

Factor-X was a friend and one of the best FPS gamers I’ve ever met, rest in peace old friend.

We will most definitely miss Factor-X and the atmosphere he brought to Pixel Smashers. Of course the obvious bias he showed in his reviews could have been eliminated and his vocabulary skills were non-existent, but his effort was admirable.Derangel

He was always up to the task whenever I challenged him to a pixel-smashing contest. Of course, he never won and always cried like a little noob whenever he lost, but now, I miss it so much.

It was always a blessing to have him handle the website changes and some of the coding; he was brilliant. Oh, and thanks Alfon for conveying my feelings, as I can’t be here right now.Votkrath

Diese Übersetzung Software ist nutzlos für mich, weil ich nicht glaube, es kann ein richtiger Satz in deutscher Sprache ohne Grammatikfehler zu schreiben.AssA2k1

这个美国人真的是一个疯子。他以为熊猫能说话?– Alfon

He is survived by his family, friends, and his twin brother, XMACHINE9000, who has since taken over his duties as the new Factor-X. We offer him and his family our prayers.

Pixel Smashers