Valve wants Steamworks Integrated into Next-Gen Consoles

Game developer Jeep Barnett lets us in on some details regarding steamworks on consoles. Barnett states that Valve “would love to see Steamworks integrated into next-gen consoles from day one, but that the decision was again up to the platform holders.” It seems that Valve has some major plans for consoles in the future, but what about their current plans? Barnett points out the limited implementation of steamworks on the PS3.

Right now you’re able to chat with your Steam friends while you’re playing Portal 2, but there’s currently no way to do that outside of the Portal 2 game. I’d like to see even more Steam features that are linked within the PS3/PSN interface itself.

But again, some of this stuff is up to the platform holders and what they’ll let us do. We’ll just keep negotiating and finding out what’s basically a big win for the customers and what drives people to enjoy all these different features. We just want to put the most we can get away with onto the platform and do it as an experiment and see if the customers like it.

Barnett has mentioned that they would like PC users to get a PS3 copy of portal 2 for free as well, but at the moment they are limited by Sony’s platform restrictions.

We were talking earlier about being able to buy (Portal 2) for PS3 and have a linked version for PC and Mac as well. Well, we’d love to go the other way with it.

What about the Xbox 360? Microsoft’s platform seems to be even more restrictive than Sonys as Portal 2 for the Xbox 360 currently doesn’t support steamworks integration.

The thing that I don’t know is whether we asked and they said no, or whether we didn’t ask at all. If Microsoft sees that and sees that it is working and that it actually is as important as I think that it is, then I don’t think they’ll have a reason to say no. We’ll see where it goes in the future.

It looks like Valve ‘s battle with console steam integration is underway and Portal 2 is just the beginning.