Crysis 2 PC Will Have a Day One Patch

Crytek has taken some of the demo feedback into account and as a result there will be a patch on day one of the game’s release. While day one patches are common it will be interesting to see what this patch entails. On the steam forums, community manager Cry-Adam let’s us in on some of the patch notes after informing PC gamers that the PC version of the demo has ended.

We are extremely pleased with how popular our Crysis 2 PC demo has been. During this time we received a lot of valuable feedback that has helped us to better plan our future game updates. Some of the changes included in our day 1 patch and retail version will be;

* Changed “Press Start to begin” to “Press Enter to begin”
* Remove textfilter from chat by default
* Remove all aim assist from Multiplayer
* Improve USB headset compatibility
* Resolved game login issues
* Display accurate ping in server browser
* Fixed hologram icon staying on screen after hologram is used up
* Fix friends list UI buttons being offset

Thanks to everyone that took part in the demo and contributed in these forums.

What do you think they should change in future patches? You can check out a list that I have been personally overseeing to see if you want to add or suggest anything:

Click Here to check out the list

Furthermore, Cry-Adam has acknowledged both my list and the steam forum list and he will be forwarding some of those suggestions to the developers.

Apart from the colours (lol), nice list! Thanks for organizing the OP, factorx.

You should compare notes with this list on the Steam forums also, see if there’s any points from there you agree/disagree with. … ?t=1779101

These lists are being forwarded to the right people so keep up the good work and your feedback will definitely be seen!