Crytek Stirs up Competition for Epic’s UDK

Looking to obtain the attention of game developers, Crytek proposes an alternative to Epic’s UDK. An SDK for the Cryengine 3 will likely be released with a similar business model to what Epic employ’s with their development kit.

Crytek co-founder Anvi Yerli said his firm already “has a business model in mind” for the CryEngine software development kit. “It will be extremely user-friendly,” he said. “Of course this [the CryEngine SDK] will be compared to UDK and Unity and so on, but we think this sort of competition is very good for the community.”

Crytek also has plans to broaden the scope of the Cryengine 3 to support mobile platforms as well.

We actually have some developers going towards mobile and online for web and browser games.