Valve Thinks it Would be Fun to Remake HL1

Posed with yet another big question Gabe Newell, sheds his enlightening thoughts on the matter. Gabe Newell was asked if he would consider remaking HL1, and responds by stating it would be fun to go back and remake the game.

But, would it just be HL1 with better graphics? Gabe responds again by saying, “No, I think we’d just invent new stuff, I mean, I think we’re much better game designers and developers than we were back then. It’d be fun to go back and do a remake.”

However, whether they decide to go back and give it another go, modders have already decided to take matters into their own hands. A mod that has been in development for a few years, Black Mesa, aims at bringing HL1 onto the source engine with better physics, AI, and graphics.