Rovio: Console Gaming is Dying

Straight from the mouth of Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka himself. Perhaps confident on the success of his game after reining 100 million downloads of Angry Birds, Mr. Vesterbacka took aim at the heavy weights of gaming.

At the Southwest Interactive conference, Vesterbacka argued that console gaming was doomed with the rise of mobile gaming. His main arguments appear to center primarily on pricing; current console games start at $60 and drop to around $40 per game, where as Angry Birds for instance, only costs a buck.

Perhaps angry after Satoru Iwata’s remarks stating that mobile games were “disposable”, Vesterbacka retorted that gamers were tired of paying such high prices for games and that small mobile games were more innovative due to their ability to be “nimble”.

He was also displeased at gamers categorizing Angry Birds as a “casual game” as he argued that someone playing his game can become just as addicted as any hardcore gamer.

Meanwhile, PC gamers are laughing their heads off as they have all heard this kind of rubbish before.