RuneScape Developers Making Transformers MMO

The UK based Jagex Games Studios has finalized the deal with Hasbro. The MMO will be the primary western variant of the game that will be featured in NA, SA, EU, and kangarooland the English speaking PAL territories. Asia on the otherhand, will get a completely different game from a Chinese developer.

Hoping to live up to Transformer’s action standards, Jagex appears confident in its success:

“TRANSFORMERS is one of the most iconic brands in the world and we are delighted to team up with Hasbro in order to bring our shared vision to reality,” said Mark Gerhard, CEO at Jagex Games Studio. “There is a huge appetite for an online TRANSFORMERS game and we will utilize every bit of our development and publishing expertise to deliver a dynamic and action-packed game that TRANSFORMERS fans will find irresistible.”

Yeah, just forgive us if we’re a bit skeptical at first.