Black Ops is the Best Selling Game of All Time

The NPD has an interesting claim regarding Call of Duty Black Ops, but it wont be too surprising for everyone. Come on now, how much could it have sold? Have you ever heard of Wii play, the game that is sometimes bundled with the Wii remotes? Black Ops managed to surpass that game and it sold 13.7 million units just in the US.

If you had any doubts in Treyarch’s or Activision’s ability to beat the previous game, Modern Warfare 3, you better throw them out the door at this point. How many COD based games can Activision and its host of developers keep pumping out before gamers get tired of them?

You can probably argue that some gamers out there are already tired of the franchise, but the amount of copies sold definitely seems like a solid counterpoint. At this time we can only imagine that the amount champagne bottles and toasts are not in short supply behind the scenes.