Mystery Nvidia Dual GPU Revealed

Awhile back EVGA showed a picture of a dual card solution at CES. However, no one really knew what it was until now. Last month, rumors were spreading about the GTX 590 like crazy and you can check out the photograph that tricked us below.

So, what is this mystery GPU? While the GTX 590 is still on its way, EVGA is outing another dual GPU solution which they call the GTX 460 2Win. Yep, it’s two GTX 460’s on one PCB.

EVGA’s charts also show that the dual GPU solution performs better than a single GTX 580.

Unfortunately, the price and release date is currently unknown. Many individuals would like to see it hover around the $400 USD mark, which makes it cheaper than a single GTX 580. No doubt, the price of the video card will be a critical factor in this product’s success.


After reading some of the posts on the EVGA forums we have more details about the card. While most of the specs are still unknown, EVGA stated that the card will be 11.5 inches long. However, EVGA’s community manager states that although this card seems to be using some internal SLI method to bridge the two GTX 460s, running two of these monsters (technically 4 GTX 460 GPUs in total) is currently not possible.


Unfortunately this product does not currently support SLI.