Crysis 2 PC Demo Patched

Crytek is still keeping an eye on the PC demo. In fact, they recently released a patch for it. There are a few steps involved in order to update the demo, but it’s fairly straight forward.

Step 1:
Navigate to your Crysis2Demo directory and in the Bin32 directory double click on Crysis2Launcher.exe

Step 2:
The launcher will run the auto updater and begin to download the patch.

Step 3:
Once downloaded, click OK to start the patching.

Step 4:
Once patching is complete click OK to finish.

You can also check out the change log below. They didn’t change that much, but at least log-in problems should be resolved:

The Crysis 2 Mutliplayer Demo Patch for PC is now live and will auto-patch when you launch the game! The Steam patch will also be rolling out shortly.

– “Press Start to Begin” has been changed to “Press Enter to Begin” on the main menu
– Ping changes in server browser – no ping for anyone now (all 0)
– Fixed crash if getting force disconnected from a dedicated server (although the force disconnect issue has been resolved anyway)
– Account creation now works properly
– G35 headset fix now implemented
– People not able to sign in with certain characters such as “-“ or “numbers” in their username, now can