iPad 2 Announced for March 11th

Steve Jobs made the announcement personally and the new Apple product received quite a few changes. As previously speculated the new device has been announced today and some of the rumored specifications such as a faster processor and new camera are present. However, one of the most glaring rumored features missing is USB support.

– runs on A5 chip
– New design
– CPU 2x faster
– Graphics 9x faster
– Rear and front cams
– Gyroscope
– 8.8 mm, slimmer than iPhone 4 9.3mm, 33% thinner than iPad

You can also check out the price point of each model below:

Wi-Fi versions:
16GB – $499
32GB – $599
64GB – $699

3G versions:
16GB – $629
32GB – $729
64GB – $829

Furthermore, Endgadet managed to grab some footage of the iPad 2:

Wait, there is still one more surprise. A new version of the iOS software will be released on the same day as the iPad 2 (March 11th). They plan to add a few more features and improve internet browsing speed using their new “Nitro JavaScript engine”.

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