Left 4 Dead 2 User-Created DLC Coming

Busy with the ongoing development of Portal 2, Valve has decided to let a fan favorite map creator take the helm in the next official DLC release. Matthew Lourdelet, creator of the popular community map 2 Evil Eyes, will have his newest creation, Cold Stream, featured in the next free DLC update. Included in the pack will also be the three remaining Left 4 Dead campaigns.

The new campaign will not be story driven however, as Valve wishes to experiment on the reception of plain player-made maps. Furthermore, Coldstream will be added to the game UI for community testing purposes.

Mac and Xbox users will not be left out either, as both versions will have the update available (although Xbox users may be charged due to Microsoft’s DLC policy).

Don’t pull out your chainsaw just yet though, Valve has explicitly stated that the pack won’t arrive until after the release of Portal 2, which is in April.

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