Kal-El: Nvidia Quad Core SoC Successor to Tegra 2

Nvidia’s next mobile SoC will bring some serious performance to the table. Check out what Nvidia has in store for gaming on the go.

As you can see from the chart above, Kal-El is next in line followed by Wayne (2012), Logan (2013), and Stark (2014)- this makes for an interesting selection of Comic book characters. Here are some technical specs pertaining to Nvidia’s new hardware:

NVIDIA is making some big claims with this quad-core processor (Kal-El also features a 12-core GPU):

It will have 5x the performance of the current Tegra 2 SoC
It will have lower power consumption than Tegra 2 despite the increase in performance
It has the ability to output video at up to 2560×1600

And, here are some interesting benchmarks pitting the old Tegra 2 to the new Kal-El platform:

A Coremark 1.0 benchmark result of Kal-El in action shows it absolutely obliterating its Tegra 2 predecessor (11,354 for Kal-El versus 5,840 for the Tegra 2). In fact, it was even faster than an Intel T7200 Core 2 Duo processor (2GHz, 4MB cache) that managed to pull in a score of 10,136.

Apparently they also have optimized quad core utilization to speed up web browsing:

Sources: dailytech.com, blogs.nvidia.com