Crysis 2 Will Have Dedicated Servers

The two words that will make most gamers happy online have been spoken. Is there a catch? Catch!? How can there be a catch with dedicated servers? Let’s turn our attention to the Call of Duty model of dedicated servers.

Yep, that’s right, the tools will not be openly available. Instead, gamers will have to go through specific host providers approved by EA and rent their server. At the very least though, there appears to be a much wider selection of host providers to choose from than previously. While this isn’t a big deal for most gamers, those who prefer to run their own hardware are left out in the dark. EA however, is still quite optimistic:

We know that we have a lot of enthusiastic PC fans out there and we think it’s awesome! A great community is something that every gaming company strives for. We also know how much our PC gamers love dedicated servers, and we’re pleased to announce that Crysis 2 will support them! Below you will find our server provider partners who, between them, will be offering global hosting:

You can check out the full set of host providers at the source.