Dead Space 2 PC Gets all Console DLC Free Thanks to a Custom Saved Game

PC Gamers have managed to get extra content for free on Dead Space 2 using a custom save. In an upsetting and somewhat surprising move, EA has stated that PC gamers wont get any DLC for Dead Space 2. However, EA apparently forgot that they already shipped their game with the content on the PC version.

Yep, thanks to a simple save file, PC gamers can access all of the paid DLC for free. The save file is only a few kilobytes and it is fairly easy to install. As you can imagine EA isn’t looking too good after this stunt. Furthermore, you can get the save file right here:

EA certainly isn’t going to be happy about this and it will be interesting to read their response once they issue one. While we wait you can read a comment posted by user LordJuanlo on the steam forums.

I just tested the saved file and I’m shocked… all the console DLC is here, all the suits and the weapons… they didn’t want to sell it to PC users and now we are getting it for free. They deleted the thread on their own forums but now it’s too late.

I just wanted a fix for the missing special suits, but it looks like the community has been faster than EA / Visceral, not only they gave us the fix but also the “forbidden” DLC that console users had to pay for.