Verizon iPhone Antenna-Gate Problem Fixed

No matter how you hold it (even if it isn’t the “correct way” according to Steve Jobs) the problem is now nonexistent. A TechCrunch blogger MC Siegler verifies this by informing us that:

This Verizon version of the iPhone 4 seems to have none of the same antenna issues. Try as I might, using the “death grip” and every other grip I can actually do, I can no longer reproduce the same attenuation problem that the previous iPhone 4 model had. I death grip the thing, and no bars drop. More importantly, calls don’t drop and data doesn’t stop. Again, Apple won’t comment, but problem, apparently, solved.

However, the AT&T iPhone now has the problem fixed in new models as well. Looks like Apple slipped in the fix for both parties.

Another interesting test that was done by, was that they compared networking performance between the two service providers. Surprisingly, Verizon was a bit slower than AT&T’s network. However, Verizon exhibited a much more stable and constant connection. Additionally, the tests that were done are not an exact science or strong example of how everyone’s Verizon iPhone will perform.