Modern Warfare 2 Linked To Terrorist Attack

In the aftermath of the recent bombing at a Russian airport, one news outlet has linked the massacre to Call of Duty. An article published by the RT discusses the similarities of the recent suicide bombing of a Moscow airport to the infamous “No Russian” scene in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:

In the mission dubbed “No Russian” the player goes on a terrorist rampage, helping to massacre civilians in a fictitious Moscow airport. It may have seemed too gruesome and tragic ever to come true.

But far-fetched it is not, for this week’s events at Domodedovo International Airport are very real indeed. Thirty-five people have been killed, and over 180 injured in what investigators believe was a terrorist attack committed by a suicide bomber inside the international arrivals of Russia’s busiest airport.

The scene in question features an in-game cinematic that puts the player in the shoes of an undercover US Army Ranger operative. In the scenario, he joins a terrorist unit which proceeds to systematically gun down every civilian in sight (the player is given a choice whether to participate or not).

Sparking outrage from many media groups, it was subsequently banned in Russia.

Despite what appears to be a ludicrous argument that suggests correlation between the two, it cannot be ignored that the two have many similar traits; and undoubtedly, it will be linked by other mainstream media channels as well.