Crytek: Unreal Engine can’t handle Crysis 2

Crytek Continues the epic Fight with Epic Games. Earlier we reported that epic games president, Mike Capps, did not believe Crytek was ready for multi-platform titles. Mark Rein apologized for those comments made by Capps, but it looks like Crytek has some words of their own for epic games and their engine. When Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli was asked about Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, he stated that no other engine could “have delivered Crysis 2…”

We’ve proven for ten years now that one of the reasons we are as efficient as we are right now, and why we could do Far Cry and Crysis with our quite inexperienced team, was because we had pipelines and workflows that were apparently superior to our competitors’ because we made our first titles much faster than our competitors. Most importantly, right now we’re looking at multiplatform development and I just think that our competitors’ engines couldn’t deliver Crysis 2, and that’s the most important statement for me.

…Whether our engine is better or not is something to be judged by the people who use the engine, but I can say that Crysis 2 wouldn’t have been possible with any other engine, but pretty much any other game that has been shipped with out competitors’ engines could have been done with the Crytek engine.