Rumor: PSP2 Will Have 3G & OLED Technology

Multiplayer gaming anywhere on the go? Yes please. The industry is gearing up for the possible unveil of Sony’s next generation portable game console on the 27th. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with some leaked specs…and they aren’t too shabby either.

Not to be confused with Sony’s other gadget offering, the Playstation Phone, the PSP2 may feature two interesting upgrades. The first being 3G data coverage on the outset (Wi-Fi will be included as well) for online multiplayer gaming with the leaked carrier for Japan being DoCoMo. Keep in mind that the 3G functionality will be for gaming/data purposes only, so no phone calls. No information on data pricing has yet been released either.

Along with the communications update, the portable console may also feature an OLED touchscreen, in similar fashion to current generation phones and its chief competitor, the Nintendo 3DS.

We’re still waiting on more news as it comes out. Stay tuned folks!