Black Ops Reported to UK Government for Investigation

Many PS3 and PC UK gamers who purchased Call of Duty: Black OPs are pretty upset. Certain gamers feel that the game is a buggy mess and it was simply released in an unfinished state. As a result a group known as Gamers’ Voice is leading the fight against Activision by getting their government involved.

Gamers’ Voice started out with a letter to Activision, which stated all of the problems and that they had one month to respond to their letter in addition to outlining a plan to give customers a refund. However, as you may have already guessed, Activision did not respond to them.

Chris O‚ÄôRegan, Head of Industry Relations at Gamers’ voice, recently sent a letter to stating that they are trying to make an example of Call of Duty: Black OPs. Basically, if they have their way, publishers will have to think twice before releasing a buggy product.

As a result of their inaction we will test the might of government agencies against Activision. We can only hope this brings about some litigious action. These agencies do exist to protect our rights as consumers, let us see if they can fullfill their remit on this pressing issue.

GV wish to set an example with Activision to ensure games are not released in an unfinished state. If litigation is initiated, then a precedent would be set. In other words, publishers will have to reconsider releasing unfinished code in the future, in the UK at least.

For the government agencies, months if they do start a formal investigation. For Activision, they may re-act a might quicker, although it will likely be a rebuttal and nothing more.