Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Multiplayer is Wrecked

As in completely destroyed thanks to the explosion in the number of cheaters. As more issues arise with the PS3 after the fallout from the recent jailbreaking, one particular issue is now plaguing Modern Warfare 2 players: hackers.

Enabled by the root exploit, the multiplayer network is now rampant with cheaters and infected servers that can completely erase a players stats, making it virtually unplayable.

Thanks to the PS3’s security features at time, Infinity Ward found it prudent to program the game so that it relies almost solely on the platform’s safeguards. As many of you can guess from the situation, this has completely backfired. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the coding, it appears Infinity Ward will be unable to simply fix the problem with a patch. Current solutions are very limited; suggestions include sending in reports to PSN, playing only in private, or giving $60 to Kotick for a copy of Black Ops (which doesn’t rely purely on the PS3’s security features).

Infinity Ward