Kinect: Call of Duty and Max Payne

Youtube user demize2010 has made the Kinect work with quite a few games. Specifically, Max Payne and Call of Duty 4 have received special attention. It is important to note that is is specially for the PC version of each game, so unfortunately, you can’t do this with your console. Below is a video of the Kinect working with Max Payne and a Wii mote. He simply leans in the direction he wants to dive and the epic bullet time fun begins.

Next, we have Call of Duty 4. Again, he is using the Wii remote for basic actions. Similar to Max Payne, he can just lean in a certain direction to trigger the character to lean. In addition, he can also move the Wii mote forward to bring up his iron sights.

The story doesn’t end here as he has other games such as Rainbow Six Vegas, the original Doom, and the Legend of Zelda working with the Kinect on his channel. Furthermore, demize2010 has not released the key bindings and configuration he used to setup each game, but he states that you can do it yourself using the faast Kinect drivers atprojects.ict.usc.ed.