Patent Troll: Activision and Zygna Sued

Another testament to how absurdly broken the United States patent system is. Add this to another one of those absurd lawsuit stories folks. creator Walker Digitial has sued both Zygna (Farmville developer) and Activision for infringing a patent that allows them to create a tournament system:

Walker Digital argues that this gaming patent concerns a product and method of distributed electronic tournaments for a plurality of players that exchanges information with a central controller to influence game play while a player plays in the tournament, and stores player information to influence game play in a subsequent tournament.

The lawsuit also states that virtually every single game that Activision and Zygna have infringes on their patents and requests compensation for damages… and of course, they request a trial by street bums jury.

Nevermind that just about every multiplayer game in existence featuring a ranking system uses some method of “electronic tournament system”.

Lets just hope a smart judge will throw this out before wasting anymore of taxpayers’ time and money.