Microsoft Officially Supports ARM Processors

Those Apple friendly processors are now backed by Microsoft. ARM made processors for the older iphones and ipods in addition to other various companies. In addition, Apple has licensed ARM’s design and modified it for their newer products such as the iphone 4. Now, Microsoft’s interest in ARM’s processors has come to fruition in this official announcement. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed a new operating system using the Windows 7 GUI (graphical user interface) on three different systems using ARM processors.

In total Microsoft showed off three different ARM development systems, with a system-on-a-chip design from Qualcomm (SnapDragon), Texas Instruments (OMAP), and NVIDIA (Tegra 2). Mr. Ballmer did not officially announce when we might expect to see these Windows ARM systems, but it might be sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, Intel has not been able to meet Microsoft’s demands on the tablet front. As a result we may see a Windows 7 based tablet soon. However, it is unclear at this time when and if we will see ARM processors on a Windows desktop PC.

Furthermore, there are also rumors of ARM developing a 2GHz 8 core processor. ARM could very well be the third major player in the desktop race against Intel and AMD if that rumor is true. For now it’s safe to say we will see Microsoft use ARM processors in tablets and possibly notebook computers. Intel may still have a chance due to the 28nm manufacturing process, but Microsoft’s deal with ARM has already been set in stone for the time being.