Wedbush Morgan: Activision to Introduce Multiplayer Tiers

In otherwords, squeezing as much money out of Call of Duty players as possible. From the outset, this kind of talk is nothing new. We’ve reported before about predictions by securities analyst Michael Pacter on the issue of subscription-based multiplayer as well as debunks by CEO Eric Hirshberg trying to reassure the public that it was just Kotick speculation.

However, in a recent news letter, the analysts over at Wedbush Morgan Securities predicted that Activision will introduce a tiering system for the multiplayer features of their Call of Duty series; and they say it will happen within the 1st quarter of this year. Whether this has to do with the rumored Call of Duty MMO or their annual franchise installments remains to be seen.

Given the recent sales numbers of both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops however, it isn’t at all surprising that Activision would want to take advantage of the massive install base. Adding to the fact that many players ponied up the $15 for each map-pack release… Activision may not have much to worry about.