New GTX 4 series price and specs rumor

VR-Zone claims to have recived final specs and MSRP for the GTX 480 and GTX 470.

VR-Zone’s claims put the specs as follows:

GTX 480:  480 SP, 700/1401/1848MHz core/shader/mem, 384-bit, 1536MB, 295W TDP, US$499

GTX 470: 448 SP, 607/1215/1674MHz core/shader/mem, 320-bit, 1280MB, 225W TDP, US$349

They go on to say that internal benchmarks put the GTX 470 at five to ten percent faster than the 5850 and roughly the same for 480 compared to the 5870. Interesting is that at 295W TDP the GTX 480 is close to the power draw of the dual-GPU 5970, which AMD is known to have underclocked to stay under the 300W PCI-E spec limitation. VR-Zone also claims that there will be a dual GPU version of Fermi with “mind blowing” power draw. If this is true a dual version of the 480 will likely draw between 550 and 600 watts, depending if they downclock or not and a dual version of the 470 will be between 400 and 450.

If these specs are true anyone out there wanting to go SLI on the 480 might want to invest in a highly efficient 950 or higher wattage power supply. Maybe one of those 1600 watt beasts that are out there. Though for those of us in the US, it would be wise to put one of those monsters on its own circuit unless you enjoy changing fuses and having the switches in the breaker get switched off a lot.

Source: VR-Zone