CES 2011- Era of the Superphone

I know the first question on your mind is “What is a superphone?”, well Nvidia’s newest blog is here with the answer. The idea of the superphone has been around for a little bit, starting earlier this year. Its more of a marketing buzz word, but so were “feature phone” and “smart phone” so maybe this one will catch on as well.

The term superphone began to simmer earlier this year. The first attempts came with displays greater than four inches; a camera of five-plus megapixels for impressive photos and video; accelerometers, and even GPS. They started sporting true computer operating systems like Android or iOS, offering better video and gaming experiences.

…True superphones begin the process of merging an agile handheld with a PC and a gaming device. Full hardware-accelerated Flash is a given. So are console-quality gaming and 1080P video. You’ll be able to multitask with a vengeance – for example, streaming Pandora while playing sophisticated games against opponents wielding PCs or while conducting a video conference.

The image above is actually in reference to something he says in the blog. Lets just say he compares phones to carnivores.

Image from Nvidia’s blog.

Source: Nvidia blog