StarCraft 2 Heart of Swarm Ending Leaked

The ending to the upcoming StarCraft 2 stand alone expansion, Heart of Swarm, has been leaked. There is quite a stir going around the web as individuals stumble upon this video. The ending cinematic is not finished as it was a leaked work in progress.

So, if you actually decide to watch the video you will notice quite a bit of unfinished content. Additionally, the video seems valid as Kotaku reports that, “The Third Floor, whose watermark appears lower right, is a production company listing Blizzard as a client. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cinematics appear in their publicity reel.”

Spoiler Warning: The video below is the leaked video. Watch at your own risk.

Note: Videos containing the ending have been consistently removed and flagged as copyrighted content. There is no guarantee that the above video will still be available when you read this news post.