Microsoft Admits Defeat to Apple’s iPhone

Microsoft’s admits that their dreams of crushing the iphone with Windows Phone 7 has been smashed. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s director of Windows Phone program management, was vague about how well Windows Phone 7 is selling. He kept dodging the questions asked by journalist, Walt Mossberg. However, Belfiore reportedly admitted “Microsoft’s defeat by Apple.”

Windows Phone 7 is a fairly new product and it may be too soon to judge. Perhaps sales will pick up later, well at least that’s where Belfiore’s optimistic attitude shifted.

Walt: How many have you sold?

Belfiore: We’re not talking about numbers yet.

Walt: Other people do.

Belfiore: We’re four weeks in. At some point we’ll get to that. “It’s just too soon to talk about numbers.”

Perhaps it isn’t too shocking that MS is having trouble with Apple. Apple has established itself as the hip and app filled mobile company quite sometime ago. It’s rather difficult to market a product when your overall brand hasn’t had a chance to establish itself in the mobile market. Either way, there is still time for Windows Phone 7 sales to grow, and perhaps MS wont be so secretive about sales figures later on. Isn’t that Right Belfiore?