Wal-Mart Now Selling Used Games

Though rumored for over a year, the low-pricing giant appears to be finally challenging GameStop’s forte. Back in 2009, game trade-in kiosks started showing up at various Wal-Mart stores across the United States in an attempt to compete with GameStop’s virtual monopoly in the category. After abandoning the tryout in February this year, rumors again surfaced of another trial in May.

Just recently, an analyst report suggested that Wal-Mart has finally begun offering used games at over 500 of their stores.

A check of their website appears to confirm this.

The current focus pricing for the initiative will be on $20 games or lower, though games such as Rock Band 3 make an appearance at around $50. Trade-in information is currently unclear, though most sources point to receiving store credit.

We’ll keep you posted as more news develops.