StarCraft II Trouncing Assassin’s Creed in Game Battle

The swarm of Starcraft II players are making a united effort to put their favorite game on top of the podium. After handing Halo Reach a serious thrashing last week in G4’s traffic bait Videogame Deathmatch, Starcraft II fans rallied once again to topple the popular Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood in the final four.

Credit for the spanking goes to famed Starcraft II commentator Husky for shouting out a call-to-arms to his fellow “Huskateers” after discovering his beloved game was trailing by 14% in the polls:

“Please, please, please, please… please go vote for Starcraft II, umm, it’s an awesome game and I love it… and ya know, Assassin’s Creed is cool too, but why poke people with a dagger when you can blow them in half with a siege tank?”

The fortunes have now been reversed entirely with Starcraft II now having a comfortable 65% of the vote vs Brotherhood’s 35%, a full 30% advantage.

There are still approximately 19 hours left in voting for the final four, though with such a lead Starcraft II appears to be guaranteed the victory.

However the swarm shouldn’t pull out their party hats just yet as the next challenger will be much more daunting: Mass Effect 2.