GTX570 Specs Revealed

The memory, clocks, and TDP are out in the open! What many of us have expected Nvidia to include with the GTX570 has come to fruition. As we have previously speculated, the GTX570 will have 480 CUDA cores, lower power consumption, and will utilize the GF110 core. This new GPU will perform around a GTX480 that runs cooler, quieter, and cheaper. The GTX570 is set to be available December 7th. This will come five days before AMD’s Radeon HD 6900 series launch.

Memory: 1280MB
Memory Clock: 1900MHz
Memory Interface: 320-bit wide
Memory Bandwidth: 152GB/s
Core Clock Speed: 732MHz
CUDA Core (SP) Clock Speed: 1464MHz
CUDA Cores: 480
Manufacturing Tech: 40nm
Power Consumption: 225W