Internet Explorer 9 at MX10

The new Internet Explorer 9 has GPU acceleration as well as HTML 5 support.

Today, with introduction of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft gives us another milestone for visual computing. Internet Explorer 9 includes a new JavaScript engine, support for HTML5 and hardware accelerated graphics and text. Internet Explorer 9 is the first browser designed to take advantage of modern hardware, resulting in graphics and performance improvements throughout the browser including the first to deliver hardware accelerated scalable vector graphics( SVG); the first to enhance JavaScript engine performance with the benefit of shifting from the CPU to the GPU; and the first to deliver GPU-Powered HTML5.

There is a global movement underway to enhance the visual computing experience in every type of device. Internet Explorer 9 and its GPU hardware acceleration will kick that in to overdrive. It is truly a killer app for visual computing. It is a huge proof point for the optimized PC concept.

To get the best experience with today’s visual computing applications you need to make sure your PC has the right mix of CPU/GPU horsepower. Whether you’re using the latest operating systems, viewing or editing photos, finding directions, playing a game, or watching a Blu-ray movie, a balanced PC with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU yields the best experience…. even if you are just surfing the net.