QualComm may bring PS3/XBOX360 visuals to Smartphones

Qualcomm has a GPU that will bring visuals up to par with today’s consoles. In 2011 Nvidia will intro its Tegra 2 platform ( Nvidia GPU + Dual core ARM9 processor SoC). However, Qualcomm has some competition in store for Nvidia.

Some time in the 2011-2013 window, Qualcomm plans to air the Adreno 3xx which could be its crowning achievement — if it pulls it off. The GPU will be made for use with SoCs on the 28 nm node. Qualcomm claims it will be graphically as powerful as an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Of course, those console GPUs are paired with lots of graphics RAM so it seems unlikely that the true performance would match these next-gen consoles.

As you can see the market is moving towards handling more GPU and CPU intensive apps. Eventually, the Desktop PC will quite literally be in the palm of your hands, and gaming on the go will be a more engaging experience.

Source: Dailytech.com