Nvidia GTX 480 at GDC

Nvidia has shown off more of the GTX 480 at GDC. Gamers are given a preview of tesslation effects that deal with water, grass, and hair.

Before added effects such as tesslation:

After added effects:

NVIDIA is showing its next generation DirectX 11 graphics simulations at the Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco. The new simulations include beautifully rendered hair and an island simulation with sunlight reflecting on photorealistic waves.

In the DirectX 11 hair demonstration, long flowing hair is realistically simulated, created and rendered on the GeForce GTX 480 using its unique parallel tessellation engines. By moving the model and applying a simulated breeze, the hair billows and cascades naturally with accurate physical properties. The demo shows how realistic hair will soon be possible in computer games.

Our DirectX 11 “Island” demo depicts a large scene that includes terrain and water with realistic, physically simulated waves. The terrain uses DirectX 11 tessellation and supports both static and dynamic tessellation. Very little data is sent to the GPU—with default settings the GPU creates 11 million primitives out of 20,000 that it gets from the application. At maximum tessellation settings the simulation can draw nearly 1.6 billion triangles per second. The demo runs at over 40 frames per second on NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce GTX 480 GPU.

The grass demonstration portrays up to 3.5 million blades of grass billowing and waving in the wind. Simulations like this put NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU to the test as it renders up to 48 million triangles in a single frame. This simulation also uses DirectX 11 tessellation to deliver more detail when viewing the grass up close.

These simulations illustrate the kind of scenes that can be depicted using the highly scalable tessellation engines in GeForce GTX 480. With NVIDIA’s newest GPU, game developers can incorporate an extraordinary level of geometric detail in their upcoming games.

The hair demonstration was previously shown about two months ago. You can watch the video for that demo below:

Source: firingsquad.com