Treyarch Responds to Alleged “Cheating”

By calling them douche-bags.

Yesterday, Treyarch’s multiplayer design director David Vonderhaar was Tweeted several videos of cheating in Call of Duty: Black Ops. This in turn resulted in many complaints that players have already hacked the system.

His response was swift:

“I got Twitbombed today from dozens of people the same 2 links. Some are people using old dashboards or old versions of the game. Others are claiming victory on old dev builds that don’t even connect to the version of Xbox Live that you use. Others are reproducible issues that we will hotfix or patch just like we said we would. In essence, we likely know more about it than you do from watching a video on Vimeo or YouTube.

Vonderhaar later reassured players that they will see the problem fixed:

“We said we would support the game. We are going to support it.”

He also has some not-so-subtle words for the glitchers:

“What many of these people want is to be Internet nerd famous. I’m not going to make them famous and you shouldn’t either….We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags. You better think twice before you glitch.

Strong words indeed. Fight!