Nvidia GTX580 Reviews and Specs Emerge

Is Nvidia on the right track? Benchmarks are starting to pop up all over the net. The GTX 580 is priced at $499 USD. However, some sites such as newegg have them listed at around $560 USD. Below are the official specs of the card as well as various reviews of the GTX 580.

-Nvidia GTX580
-Vapor chamber cooling.
-512 Full CUDA Cores
-1.5GB 384-bit GDDR5
-4 Gbps Data Transfer
-192.4GBps memory bandwidth
-Dual DVI & mini HDMI (2x DVI and 1x mini HDMI)
-772MHz Core Speed
-1.5GB GDDR5 Memory (384-bit)
-Draws up to 244W power
-27cm long (10.6 inch)
-Needs 2 slots


The video above demonstrated Nvidia’s multilayered displacement mapping tessellation technology. In addition, they claim that the GTX580 is the fastest DX11 GPU.


techpowerup.com (SLI)

Overall conclusion so far:

The card is better than the GTX480 in almost every way. The GTX580 runs cooler, quieter, performs better, and uses less power than the GTX480. The GTX580 uses a new shrouded vapor cooling system, which reduces noise and temperatures of the card (92C load on the GTX 480 vs. 69C load on the GTX580). The card runs approximately 30% faster than the GTX480, but it is generally slower than the HD5970 from AMD.

Some of the features geared towards the server market in the GF100 core has been removed in the new GF110 core in the GTX580, which allows the GF110 core to focus more on gaming performance. This change also explains the decrease in transistor count compared to the GTX480. Overall, this GTX580 is a definite improvement compared to the 4 series from Nvidia. At this time it actually is the fastest single DX11 GPU on the market. However, the card is priced too high and it is unclear how well it will manage against the upcoming 6900 series from AMD.