Epic Announces Full iPhone game based on the Unreal 3 Engine

Some of you may recall the Epic Citadel iPhone benchmark. Apparently, that was a taste of a game called Infinity Blade. President of Epic Games, Dr. Michael Capps, breaks it down for us.

More than one million people have been introduced to the world of Infinity Blade through our free app, Epic Citadel, and soon everyone will be able to play our first fully featured game for iOS devices. With Infinity Blade, ChAIR has created an amazing looking, incredibly fun game that really demonstrates the potential of triple-A mobile gaming.

The game is suppose to launch sometime during the holidays for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Keep in mind if you have and iPhone or ipod Touch you will need to have 3rd gen devices in order for the game to run. You can also check out the Epic Citadel bench mark over at Apple’s Appstore.

Source: industrygamers.com