Reminder: Supreme Court Reviews Violent Games Ban Tomorrow

Add this to your attention whilst voting for your favorite representatives tomorrow. For all concerned American gamers, tomorrow will be a very, very important day. Aside from the mass amounts of voting going around for Congressional seats, the Supreme Court will also begin oral arguments on the case of restricting violent video games.

The case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, et al., Petitioners v. Entertainment Merchants Association, et al. will decide whether or not to overturn the original ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that the California violent game ban was unconstitutional.

Should they choose to overturn this ruling, we as gamers could face an unprecedented level of censorship that would put us on the same level as pornography. Considering that a handful of other states also support California’s plan, you can bet these restrictions won’t just stay in the Golden State.

Despite the fact that video games retailers lead the industry in mature sales restrictions and that the person spearheading this legislation is the Terminator, the bill continues to press on.

Five years and millions of wasted taxpayers’ dollars later, we can only hope that the court decides on what the bill actually is: unconstitutional.

Supreme Court