Nvidia GTX580 Pics and Specs

A host of new GTX580 information has been leaked to the public. The GTX580 will have a new core known as the GF110. This card will have 512 stream processors, which was originally rumored to be the stream processor count of the GTX480 a while back. Nvidia’s main concern is how their new card well hold up against AMD’s HD6900 series.

Right now Nvidia is in a bad position with the main stream market. All they have left is their high-end market with the GTX480. In addition, there is speculation that the stream processors on the 580 series are faster. This means that the addition of the extra stream processors are not the only factors in play in terms of performance.

According to the source, there has been a 300million transistor cut. So, the GTX580 has fewer transistors when compared to Nvidia’s current high-end GPU, the GTX480. This cut will reduce power consumption by approximately 10-15 percent. Now, we have seen a comparable reduction with AMD’s latest 6 series (1.7 billion vs. 2.15 billion transistors). Additionally, AMD’s 6870 and 6850 GPUs have less steam processors and fewer transistors yet they perform better than their 5850 and 5830 counterparts because of architecture optimizations (the 6870 technically matches the GTX470’s performance). So, Nvidia plans to mimic the changes AMD has done to their 6 series, with their new GTX580 series. But, can Nvidia’s new architecture optimizations stand up to the HD6900 series GPUs? It’s certainly possible.

Source: nordichardware.com